About Jamia Teachers' Association (JTA)

The body of Teachers of JMI University is known as Jamia Teachers’ Association (JTA). Multidisciplinary International Conference is being organised under the aegis of JTA. Founded in 1962, JTA is an Association of University Teachers who working in different Departments and Centres of Jamia Millia Islamia. There are 38 Departments and 30 Centres in JMI, covering wide specializations of education including Natural Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Dentistry, Social sciences, Humanities & Languages, Law, Fine Arts, Geography, Commerce, Management, and many more.


JTA is playing an important role for more than six decades for the welfare of Jamia teachers in particular and teachers of all Indian central universities in general. JTA has always been concerned about the high standards of academics and research in the University. JTA also plays an important role in designing of national education policies, promotion of higher education, frank and fearless opposition of the policies of government if it foresees them as against teachers, students, academics and national education.


JTA is instrumental in setting of academic ambience in the University and motivates every component of the institution for continued growth and progress. JTA stands with strong spine in favor of teachers who face grievances and discrimination of any form. However, JTA condemns anti-institutional and unjustified moves from within or outside colleagues. JTA leaves no stone unturned to bring justice to teachers who are being denied their rights by the institution or government agencies. JTA practices fair and bold actions, and promote free speech and dialogues between opposite ideologies.


JTA has been pooling funds by monthly contributions of the University teachers. The funds are used for upliftment of the education of students belonging to weak economical sections of society. The funds are distributed into hundreds of such students annually and this support is known as JTA Scholarship.

JTA also contributes financially towards the support of victims of natural calamities. JTA is always in NEWS for its timely Press Releases in favor of academics, education and research. JTA has always condemned that acts of violence against humanity, be it in India or abroad.  

JTA promotes integration of national and international cultures, academic memorandums of understandings, and social integration through bilateral meeting and an Annual Dining!

Keeping in views, various challenges of new technologies, globalization & privatization of higher education and its impact on the society, JTA has decided to organise a two day international conference on the occasion of centenary celebration of Jamia Millia Islamia on “JTA Multidisciplinary International Conference” between February 17-18, 2020.


The aim of this conference is to bring scientist, social scientist, technocrats and others researchers of important relevant fields on one platform and addressing the issues faced by society due to the revolution of technology and privatization of educational institutions.


-Team JTA