Theme 22: Commerce & Business Studies

​A. Commerce Studies

  1. Role of innovation in Entrepreneurship and Start Ups

  2. Innovation in Commerce and Businesses Education

  3. Transition from Traditional Marketing to Green and Digital Marketing

  4. Slowdown of Economy and the Role of Financial Institutions

  5. Contemporary Accounting Standards: Issues and Challenges

  6. HR Innovative Practices for Human Capital Competence

  7. Finance & Accounting: Fintech, Innovative Sources of Finance and other Issues

  8. Marketing: Green Marketing and Digital Marketing and other Emerging Issues

B. Business Studies

  1. International Law

  2. Corporate and Commercial Law 

  3. Human Rights Law and Social Justice

  4. WTO & Related Agreements

  5. Anti-Bribery and Corruption Law in International Business

  6. Law of Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology

  7. Labour and Employment Law

  8. Environmental Law 

  9. Criminal Justice Policy and Law

  10. Legal Theory, Methodology and Ideology

  11. Legal Pluralism and the Constitution.

  12. Constitution, Liberty, and Criminal Law.

  13. Fiscal Policy, Taxation and the Indian Constitution.

  14. Right to Development and the Constitution.

  15. Devolution of Powers, Federalism, and the Constitution.

  16. Citizenship, National Security, and the Constitution.

  17. Privacy and the Constitution.

  18. Personal Law: Criminalization and Decriminalization of Certain Acts.