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Theme 1: Social Sciences

A. Teachers’ Lives and Careers

1.The identity and status of teachers

2.Teachers’ dispositions and beliefs

3.Market forces and everyday concerns of teachers

4.The challenges of teachers’ work

B. Quality Concerns in Higher Education

1.Marginals and Higher Education in India

2.Crisis of Social Sciences: Debating Higher Education in Contemporary India.

3.Teacher effectiveness: national and international perspectives

4.Context sensitivity and Community Orientation in Higher Education curriculum

5.Inclusion: Challenges and Possibilities.

6.Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalisation: Implications for higher education

C. Teacher in the Age of Technology

1.The use of technology in higher education: problems and prospects

2.Use of ICT in higher education

3.MOOCS, SWAYAM, Virtual Education, E-Learning and Future Technologies

4.Technology: Issues of exclusion and inclusion

5.Technology as a learning tool.

6.Innovative Initiatives

D. Historical & Philosophical Perspectives in Higher Education

1.(Re)envisioning higher education: Missed Opportunities and Future Possibilities

2.Unpacking the notions of ‘merit’, ‘excellence’ and ‘quality’.

3.Curricular reforms in higher education: local and global perspectives

4.Issues of equity and social justice in higher education

E. Equity and Quality

1. Access and Participation Issues.

2. Public Private Partnerships:  Concept and issues.

3. Egalitarian reforms across countries

4. Distance and open learning paradigm.

5. Intellectual property rights and open access sources

6. Teaching-learning considerations

7. Financial issues

8. Mechanisms for Quality Assurance: Accreditation agencies, credit based semester system etc.

9. Emerging trends in higher education: Virtual, collaborative ventures etc.

10. Autonomy and Accountability

11. Building life-long learning communities

12. Facilitating Inter cultural dialogues.

13. NGO initiatives

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