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Theme 21: Management Studies, Hotel Management and Tourism

​A. Management Studies

  1. Managing Technology and Innovation

  2. Resources Management and Sustainable Development

  3. Social Entrepreneurship

  4. Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Accountability

  5. Engagement and Motivation

  6. Team Building and Leadership

  7. Creativity, Innovation and Training

  8. Workplace Bullying

  9. Customer Service

  10. Women and Work

  11. Work-Life Balance

B. Tourism and Hospitality Management

  1. Contemporary Issues

  2. Emerging Trends

  3. Education, Training and Skilling

  4. SDGs and the Sector

  5. Facing the Recession and Economic Slowdown

  6. Hospitality and Customer Satisfaction

  7. Tourism and Hospitality Marketing

  8. Hospitality Management

  9. Marketing and Service Quality Management

  10. Food Service, Consumer Choice and Services Strategies

  11. Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry

  12. Hospitality Marketing and Service Experience

  13. Human Resource Management

  14. India Hotel Management and Development

  15. Tourism Demand Forecasting

  16. Tourism Impact Assessment

  17. Competition Issues in Tourism

  18. Financial Management for the Hotel and Tourism Industry.

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