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Theme 2: Education
  1. Higher Education policy in India and around the Globe: Issues and tensions

  2. Higher Education in the age of liberalization

  3. Selection, recruitment, and induction of teacher candidates: National and international perspectives

  4. In-service training programs: A critical appraisal

  5. Knowledge, power and politics in higher education

  6. Global issues in preparation of teacher for higher education, retention and professional development

  7. Public-private partnership in higher education

  8. Responsibility and accountability issues

  9. Regional contexts in higher education

  10. Marginals and Higher Education in India

  11. Crisis of Social Sciences: Debating Higher Education in Contemporary India

  12. Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Community Development

  13. Adult and Continuing Education

  14. Home Schooling

  15. Inclusive and Indigenous Education

  16. Methodologies in Pedagogy

  17. Education and Values

  18. Physical Education

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