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Criteria for Selection of Best Paper Awards:


  1. One should be a registered candidate with valid affiliation to University/Institute/Company/Industry.

  2. One should be 40 years or less of age as on February 18, 2020. It would be verified by a valid photo IDs which are acceptable by Government Bodies.

  3. Photo IDs for age proof will be validated by the Theme Team on spot.

  4. The awards of best paper will be recommended by the Jury.

  5. Jury: The composition of (at least 3 members) Jury includes Session Chair and/or Co-Chair, Subject Expert (Nominated by the Conference Chief Patron) and a member of Theme Team (Nominated by Conference Chair).

  6. There should be no conflict of interest between the candidate and Jury members.

  7. Conflict of interest is defined as a person in blood relation or Ph.D supervisor.

  8. The Best Paper Awards will be given in every field of subjects rationally.

  9. The Award includes a Citation and Certificate.

  10. Candidates registered under special category of Accompanying Person and Masters Students cannot be the part of this category hence cannot claim for any Awards.

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