Theme 15: Chemistry and Nanotechnology

A. ​Chemistry

  1. Matter: Atom, Element, Molecule, Compound, Substance and Mixture

  2. Phase, Bonding, Energy and Reactions

  3. Ions, Salts, Acids and Bases

  4. Redox, Equilibrium and Chemical Laws

  5. Advances in Physical Chemistry

  6. Advances in Organic Chemistry

  7. Advances in Inorganic Chemistry

  8. Analytical Chemistry

  9. Tools and Technologies in Chemistry

  10. Environmental Chemistry

B. Nanotechnology

  1. Fundamentals and Concepts in Nanotechnology

  2. Tools and Technologies in Nanotechnology

  3. Current Research in Nanotechnology: Bottom-up, Top-down, Functional and Biomimetic Approaches

  4. Dimensionality in Nanomaterials

  5. Applications of Nanotechnology

  6. Green Synthesis of Nanostructures and their Applications

  7. Nanoparticles as Delivery Particles