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Theme 14: Geography and Geology

​A. Geography

  1. Developments in Physical Geographydvances in Human Geography

  2. Research in Integrated Geography

  3. Geomatics

  4. Regional Geography

  5. Techniques in Geography: Cartography, GIS, Remote Sensing, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

  6. Notable Geographers

  7. Major Institutions and Societies

B. Geology

  1. Geologic Materials: Rocks, Magma and Lava

  2. Whole-Earth Structure: Plate Tectonics and Earth

  3. Geologic Time: Timescales and Milestones of Earth, Moon and Mars

  4. Dating Methods: Relative and Absolute

  5. Geological Development of Areas

  6. Methods in Geology: Field Methods, Petrology, Structural Geology and Stratigraphy

  7. Planetary Geology

  8. Economic Geology: Mining and Petroleum

  9. Engineering Geology

  10. Hydrology and Environmental Issues

  11. Natural Hazards

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